Screwdriver Micro-Tech Set Facom AEF.J5 3xFL & 2xPZ

by Facom
$93.68 excl GST
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Micro-Tech screwdrivers are designed to provide an
effective pressure area in each of the three
micro-engineering screwdriver positions.
The end also rotates to optimize the turning motion. The body comprises a gripping surface designed for optimum torque transmission with handling accuracy.
The handle is shaped so fingers can naturally grip the specially designed handle for total tool control.
The ribbed cone provides maximum grip for fast
Blade clearance gives a clear view of the job in hand. 3 slotted head screwdriver: AEF.2x75 - AEF.2.5x75 - AEF.3x75.
2 Pozidriv screwdrivers: AEFD.0x75 - AEFD.1x75.
Case dimensions: L.183 x W.109 x H.32 mm.

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