Chisel Set x 4 Sheathed 263.GJ4 Facom Flat 263.G19,20,22&265

by Facom
$184.19 excl GST
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Facom 263.GJ4
4 Piece Sheathed Cold Chisel Set 18 - 22mm,
Flat chisels: 19, 20, 22 mm,Cape chisel: 18 mm,
Comfortable grip ensures an accurately aimed blow,
Stability of tool ensures a more powerful blow,
Better shock absorbance and elasticity to avoid the risk of breakage.
3 chisels: 263.G19 - 20 - 22.
1 cape chisel: 265.G18
Edge: 57-60 HRc.
Impact head: 36- 44 HRc.

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