Plier Circlip Int Straight 1.3mm Pin 12-25mm x 140mm Long Facom 179A.13/179E.13

by Facom
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For Internal Circlips 12-25mm
Textured, non-slip PVC grips.
• Reduce the risks of tool slipping or dropping from the hand during use.
• For increased comfort during intensive use.
• Easy to clean Slim profile and accessibility - narrow head and tips for easy access, even where space is tight.
Piano wire tips - resistant to deformation, reinforced to reduce the risk of breakage.
Recessed spring - optimum flexibility of use - protects the spring, reduces the risk of spring loss or ejection. Colour coded: expansion / compression.
Extended tips, angled at 10 degrees : Better clip
retention. Reduces the risk of twisting or dropping circlips.
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