F38 High Temp Adhesive 1ltr 8036 DG

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Application Method Brush; Roller; Air Driven or Airless Spray
Boiling Point 54 °C
Brand ADOS
Chemical Composition Polychloroprene (Neoprene®)
Color Honey; Clear (Dries); Red
Container Size 1 L
Coverage 3 to 5 m²/L
Flash Point -15 °C
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +175 °C
Physical Form Liquid
Product Type High Heat Contact Adhesive
Reactivation Method Heat or Solvent
Relative Density 0.835 to 0.845
Solubility Immiscible
Vapour Pressure 24.1 kPa
Viscosity 300 to 350 cps
VOC 78 %
Working Time 10 to 20 min
ADOS F38 is an outstanding heat resistant contact adhesive capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 175°C. It is especially suited to areas where very high heat is encountered and where surfaces are exposed to direct sunlight. It has a short tack time and the instant bond necessitates small areas to be worked at any time.  ADOS F38 is versatile and may be applied using a brush, roller, air driven sprayer or airless spray equipment.

High Heat Resistance : Up to 175°C, used in areas where temperature is a factor.
Easy to Use - Range of application methods. Can be sprayed, brushed or rolled.
Colour (Red) : Greater visibility of coverage
Colour (Clear) : Ideal for seam joints

It has exceptional performance for making bonds with: Bench top - laminates - head linings in cars - sound deadening and thermal insulation materials - polyurethane foam - metals - ceiling tiles - veneer - plasterboard - concrete - fibreglass - particle boards - timber - carpets - cork - plastics - cardboard - fabrics - leather - weather seals - some cloth backed vinyls - PVC skirting - some rubbers.
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