Ejector Pin H13 Nitrided 2.0 x 150mm (Head 6Ø x 4mm)

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$4.28 excl GST
Ejector pin tolerance -0.01/-0.02 on main pin diameter (note: dimension not to be take within 30mm of the underside of the head) Head diameter tolerance +0.00/-0.02 x Head thickness +0.00/-0.05mm
Matl. = SKD61 = H13/Hardness = HV900 Surface, & HRC 42-47 Inside.
t : 4mm
d : 2.0mm
l : 150mm
h : 6mm
Other sizes of pins and sleeves also available on indent. *Un-nitrided pins are from FDAC (=H11) material with a through hardness of 35-40 HRC, and so can be machined to desired shape, then nitrided without further heat treatment.

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