Dual Vacuum & Pressure Pump Kit C/w Brake Bleeder Kit

by Rico
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Dual Vacuum & Pressure Pump Kit, Comes With Brake Bleeder Kit
Quality all metal construction vacuum & pressure pump creates and holds a metered vacuum and or pressure, suitable for testing a wide variety of automotive, marine& agricultural equipment.
Simply set the serrate control valve from vacuum to pressure for intended use.
There are many applications: air intake control valves, distributor vacuum advances, EGR valves, power brake boosters, transmission modulators, motorcycle
carburettors. Kit includes all adaptors and reservoir for brake bleeding & fluid transfer.
Gauge Diameter: 2" (50mm). Readings: 0 to 30in Hg (0 to -1 bar) Vacuum 0 to 60psi (0 to 1.4 bar) Pressure.
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