Dry Glide Aerosol 150gm 3040 CRC DG

by CRC
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CRC Dry Glide PTFE is a technically advanced multi-purpose dry film lubricant that cures to a non-staining micro thin film. It penetrates and bonds to metal, wood, rubber, plastic, glass and most other surfaces and provides long lasting lubrication where conventional wet film lubricants are difficult to apply or retain. Ideal for lubrication in dusty environments where contaminants might interfere with conventional wet lubricants.

The durable film seals out moisture, inhibits corrosion and resists oil, dust and dirt build-up to maintain clean operating conditions. It prevents sticking, reducing friction, heat and wear with a very low coefficient of friction over a wide temperature range. Everything works easier. Will not melt, freeze, run, pool or contaminate in-process materials.

Ideal for sliding mechanisms and on extreme heavy loads to reduce wear and prevent galling or seizing. For mechanisms that are operated at infrequent intervals or are
lubricated for life.

Features & Benefits

PTFE-Based – Excellent lubrication over a wide
temperature range

Bonds to Most Surfaces – Metal, wood, rubber, plastic and most surfaces

Micro-Thin Film – Lubricates and prevents sticking, reducing friction and wear

Resists Dirt, Dust and Oil Build-Up – Ideal for dirty environments

Non-Staining, Off-White Film – No dusty surface powder
Wide Temperature Range – Remains stable between -40°C and +230°C. Will not melt, freeze or wash-off

Fast Drying – Allows in-process parts to be handled quickly

Seals Out Moisture – Provides a barrier film that
inhibits corrosion

Ultra Low Coefficient of Friction – Ideal for sliding mechanisms and light load lubrication

NZFSA Approved C12

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