1080 RTV Clear 310gm Cartridge 1693212

by Dowcorni
$29.10 excl GST
Applications Sealing of Fasteners, Welds and Lock Seams in Metal Fabrication; Sealing Dissimilar Metals & Corrosion Sensitive Surfaces; Sealing Vehicle Windscreens, Oven Doors, Access Doors in Metal to Glass Application; Caulking Joints in Duct Work, Cement Surfaces & Metal Pipes; Attaching Signs & Metal Signs to Metal, Masonry & Concrete Surfaces
Brand Dowcorni
Color Translucent
Container Size 310 g
Product Type Electrical Silicone
One Part, neutral care, room temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber.

Non Corrosive cure mechanism.
Good Tear Strength.
Wide Service Temperature strength.
Resistant to Ozone.
Moisture weathering.
Colour: Translucent

Sealing of fasteners, welds and lock seams in metal fabrication.
Sealing dissimilar metals & corrosion sensitive surfaces. As formed in pace gasket, it replaces cork, paper & rubber gaskets on gear, housing pumps etc.
Sealing vehicle windscreens, oven doors, access doors in metal to glass applications.
Caulking joints in duct work, cement surfaces & metal pipes.
Attaching signs & metal signs to metal, masonry & concrete surfaces.

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