Diamond Bench Stone Extra Fine 55x155mm P600 Green X87510

by Norton
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Made in USA, our improved Norton diamond benchstones have unique stackable, non-skid rubber feet, designed to keep the diamond plate steady while you sharpen, and
efficiently stacked for space-saving storage when not in use
Made in the USA with quality industrial diamonds and workmanship
Available in 3 grit sizes: 600 (green), 325 (blue), 220 (red)

They are ideal for all your large and small tool
sharpening and finishing needs
Flat, diamond surface plated onto a nickel-coated steel bar precision ground to a tolerance of .001" promotes fast, even blade and tool edge sharpening
Even diamond distribution creates continuous diamond for excellent sharpening performance across entire surface of stone
Quicker sharpening than conventional interrupted surface diamond stones
Pointed tools will not snag, as on interrupted surface diamond stones
Color-coded tabs on stones and packaging ensure easy identification of grit sizes for use and displaying

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