5 Minute Fast Dry Tube 28.4gm S208 Devcon Epoxy

by Devcon
$17.96 excl GST

Epoxy Adhesives are toughened, fast-curing structural epoxies with excellent environmental and chemical resistance. They are designed for a wide range of rigid substrates such as metals, ceramics, phenolics, and wood with cure times from less than one minute. Products include stay-in-place gels for vertical surfaces, clear adhesive/potting compounds, and high-performance, rubber-toughened adhesives for strength and flexibility.

Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy
A two-part, rapid curing, clear, general purpose epoxy. Better on more rigid materials. Useful for repair of autos, bikes, boats, golf clubs, skis, and much more. May also be used as a metal filler and to restore rotten wood.

* 5 Minutes - Handling Time
* 8-10 Minutes - Set Time
* 1 Hour - Cure Time

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