Darex XT3000i Xpandable Drill Sharpener 3-21mm Capacity

by Darex
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Create A Wide Variety of Point

Styles with Fool-Proof Precision

This expandable tool sharpener grows as your shop’s needs grow. When you want the right point for the
job sharpened quickly and simply, the Darex XT3000i is your best choice. It sharpens a wide variety of sizes
and styles of drills, as well as a wide range of other tools, with ease and accuracy. For the price of a couple
hundred drills, you can sharpen in-house for pennies a drill. The XT3000i’s chuck/cam design makes it easy for
everyone in your shop to be a sharpening expert with just a few minutes of instruction. This is a rock solid, heavy-duty machine capable of sharpening all day, every day.
Attachments can be interchanged in seconds and all adjustments can be made without tools.

Incorporating 30 years of sharpening expertise, the Darex XT3000i is the finest, most technologically advanced
manual drill/tool sharpener every produced.

Drill Capacity: 3mm – 21mm (21mm - 30mm option available)
Point angles sharpened: 118°–150° (90° option available)
Point styles sharpened: Standard conic and split point
Acceptable drill length: Unlimited maximum, 2” minimum
Machine size: 51×51×41cm
230V, 50Hz, 1/4hp, 8.0amp, 2850/3450 rev/min
Machine weight: 31kg
Sharpening Wheel included: Borazon (CBN) for HSS & Cobalt (Diamond option for carbide available)

Grit removal system: Optional vacuum

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