CLEAN-R-CARB Aerosol 400gm 5081 CRC DG

by CRC
$20.05 excl GST

CRC Clean-R-Carb is an effective in-place carburettor cleaner that removes deposits of gum, varnish, lacquer, resin paraffin, metallic salts, oil, oxides, tar and gasoline stains. Regular cleaning with CRC Clean-R-Carb prevents gum deposit build-up in carburettors, giving faster starting, smooth idling and improved petrol

CRC Clean-R-Carb removes carbon build-up and deposits on injectors, alloy heads, cylinders, pistons and linkages eliminating the need to use wire brushes thus avoiding damage to soft metal alloys.

Features & Benefits

Dissolves carburettor deposits

Restores engine power

Maximises fuel economy

Non-corrosive degreaser

Cleans without disassembly

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