Cimtap II Fluid 16oz DG

by Cimcool
$21.97 excl GST
Boiling Point +212 °F; +100 °C
Brand Cimcool
Color Clear
Container Size 16 oz
Container Type Bottle
Duty Range Moderate to Heavy Duty
Freezing Point +32 °F; 0 °C
Material Application Steels; Cast Iron; Stainless Steel Alloys; Nickel Alloys; Aluminium; Brass; Copper
Odor Chemical
pH Value 9.3
Physical Form Liquid
Product Type Tapping Compound
Silicone (Yes/No) No
Solubility Soluble in Water 100% Miscible
Specific Gravity 1.026

CIMTAP® II tapping compound is a water-soluble liquid.
CIMTAP® II is designed for:
1. Blind holes
2. Deep vertical holes
3. High production operations requiring quick application
Metals: Steels, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel Alloys, Nickel Alloys, Aluminum, Brass, Copper
Duty Range: For moderate to heavy-duty operations

MAXIMUM TAP LIFE - Good lubricity eliminates chip welding, tap burning and resultant tap breakage
ACCURATE THREADS - Produces accurate threads on a wide variety of metals
MAXIMUM PRODUCTION - Works best at the highest possible tapping speeds

QUICK, EASY APPLICATION - CIMTAP® II is a liquid and can be applied from the squirt bottle either during production or when the tap is stationary
CLEAN - Readily soluble in water - Does not leave deposits on the machine - Blind threaded holes can be cleaned with water or an air hose
RESIDUE - Does not harden to a dry solid residue - Eliminates subsequent hand tapping operations to remove residue
PLEASANT TO USE - No smoke - No Smell

Not recommended for magnesium or magnesium alloys.
Will not contaminate your machine coolant.

For Material Safety Data Sheet please email request to sales@tradetools.co.nz


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