Cimstar 70-HFP Semi-Synthetic Oil 20 Litre

by Cimcool
$285.78 excl GST
12mm hexagonal painted handle and S10 blade. Steel housing for long life of handle. Blade is replaceable.

Cimstar 70-HFP is a semi-synthetic recommended for High Fluid Pressure and High Volume Flow Applications where minimization of foam is critical for part quality and machine operations. It can be used for machining and grinding operations of ferrous and some non-ferrous materials, where a moderate to heavy-duty fluid is desired.
The product is chlorine free.

Features and Benefits:
Corrosion protection: The oily residue keeps machine tools and work-piece materials free of corrosion and staining. Good on most non-ferrous alloys as well.
Microbial control: Cimstar 70-HFP has good rancidity control if product concentration is properly controlled.
Material Applications: Most Aluminum Alloys, Cast Iron, Nodular Iron, Carbon Steels, High Speed Steels, High Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, Most Non-Ferrous Alloys
Duty Range: For moderate to heavy-duty operations

Cimstar 70-HFP is to be mixed with water for use, Dilution Rate 5% - 10%

For Material Safety Data Sheet please email request to sales@tradetools.co.nz


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