Cimglide 68 Slideway Oil 20 Litre

by Cimcool
$173.99 excl GST

Cimglide 68 is a specially formulated MACHINE TOOL lubricant for all horizontal slideways.  Meeting the Cincinnati Milacron P47 Specification, it combines mineral oil and extreme pressure additives to assist in eliminating stick-slip to ensure machines run at their optimal performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • The lubricant package used in Cimglide 68 is designed for minimal impact on water based metalworking fluids.

  • Good demulsibilty allows for easy removal of tramp oil to maximize waterbased metalworking fluid life.

  • Reduces wear and stick-slip of slideways and screws.

  • Strong adhesion and chemical stability to improve machine tool productivity.

  • Long service life and protection from corrosion.

  • Uses high grade materials to minimize odors and protect against fungus and bacteria.

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