Milpro 320 Neat Cutting And Grinding Oil 5 Litre

by Cimcool
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Cimcool Milpro 320 Neat Cutting & Grinding Oil
It is formulated with a severly hydro-treated low viscosity base oil & special lubricants. It is clear in apperance and recommended for use on automatic lathes and general machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Features and Benifits:

  • Very low odour with a transparent pale yellow appearance.
  • Aditives and base oil are selected to be mild on operators skin.
  • Oxidation resistant / chemical stability helps to extend the service life of the metalworking oil.
  • Excellent surface finish - Special lubricants are added to improve cutting performance and surface finish while extending tool life.
  • Reduce fumes - The use of low viscosity and high flash point premium base oil makes Milpro 320 low fuming in service.

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