Cimtech C205 Synthetic Metal Working Fluid 20 Litre

by Cimcool
$196.23 excl GST

CIMTECH® C205 Synthetic, Metalworking Fluid Concentrate is an extremely low foaming, clear biostable synthetic for central systems and individual machines.

Metals: Cast Iron, Nodular Iron, Carbon Steels, Ferrous metals

Duty Range: Moderate to some Heavy-duty.


 Well suited for applications where foam and ferrous corrosion control are critical in individual machines or central systems
 Very resistant to attack by mold and bacteria
 Extremely low foaming even under high agitation conditions
 Excellent settling properties allowing the mix to remain clean
 Exceptional tramp oil rejection. Oil floats on top of the mix and is easily removed by an oil skimmer
 Excellent ferrous corrosion control with rust inhibitors preventing corrosion of cast iron and steel.


For Material Safety Data Sheet please email request to sales@tradetools.co.nz


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