Cimperial 50-18 200 Litre Drum Soluble Oil

by Cimcool
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CIMPERIAL® 50-18 Chlorinated Paraffin free metalworking fluid.

CIMPERIAL 50-18 contains a special lubricant that replaces the chlorine based extreme pressure additive and is recommended for heavy-duty operations requiring excellent lubricity. In addition, it has excellent corrosion
inhibition of ferrous, yellow metals and non-ferrous metals and can be applied to various materials in a low foam performance even in high flow delivery. 
ㆍ Excellent lubricity - A special high performance lubricant replacing chlorinebased extreme pressure additive is combined with a highly refined base oil, which makes it possible to deliver high level surface finish smoothly even in rough cut process, grinding, and extend the life of cutting tools.
ㆍ Multipurpose products - CIMPERAL 50-18 can be used for various operations in one factory. Excellent corrosion resistance of ferrous and nonferrous metals - CIMPERIAL 50-18 is suitable for cutting or grinding various metals and materials
ㆍ Cleanliness of machine tools - CIMPERIAL 50-18 is excellent in cleanability and maintains cleanliness of equipment.
ㆍ Excellent bacteria and mold prevention - There is no bad smell generated by bacteria, and the lifetime of the emulsion is long, provided the prescribed 5% to 10% concentration is maintained

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