Cimguard R562 20 Litre Rust Protection

by Cimcool
$200.34 excl GST

CIMGUARD R562 is a general purpose water-based rust inhibitor. Primarily for CNC Plasma Cutting Machinery. This product is also used for the prevention of rust on cast iron and steel during storage and shipment.

• Synthetic product containing a blend of organic and inorganic rust inhibitors. It contains no nitrites or petroleum products
• Will not leave an oily or tacky film on treated surfaces. The thin film left on treated parts is generally not visible to the eye.
• Can be applied in spray, dip operations, and can be used in the final rinse stage of multi-stage parts washers.
• This product is designed to be diluted with water
• For use in washer rinse stages, concentrations of 2-5% are generally recommended.
• Concentrations of 10-20% are used in dip tank application where parts are being prepared for long-term storage or shipment.

For Material Safety Data Sheet please email request to sales@tradetools.co.nz


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