Antifoam H (Litre) Use AT 1:10000 (.01% Of Mix)

by Cimcool
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ANTIFOAM NS is an aliphatic non-silicone defoamer, which can be used to temporarily control excessive foam.
Add ANTIFOAM NS to CIMCOOL® metalworking fluid mixes as recommended by CIMCOOL® Technical Services. Use in the mix when foam is a problem.
A typical use would be to temporarily control foam in a new charge (fresh mix). Typically as metalworking fluid mixes age they become less foamy.
Follow the recommended dilution range (see below). Shake or stir prior to using.
ANTIFOAM NS can be used with soluble oil, semisynthetic, or synthetic mixes.

Overuse, however, can create additional foam. 

For Material Safety Data Sheet please email request to sales@tradetools.co.nz


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