HiKoki Charger 18V Lithium Ion Slide Batteries UC18YFSL(H0Z)

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HiKOKI's Fan-cooled Smart Chargers work intelligently when charging batteries to ensure safe electrical transfer and a long service life.
Electronic circuitry on-board the charger communicates with the battery and monitors each individual cell during charging, preventing damage from overcharging or overheating
Electronically controlled fan ensures that no cell is harmed during the charging process.
Advanced fan-cooling system allows the batteries to be charged quickly, reducing down-time

Suitable for charging HiKOKI Lithium Ion 18V 'slide' style batteries - BSL1815, BSL1830, BSL1840 & BSL1850

Model # UC18YFSL(H0Z)

From October 2018, Hitachi has changed to HiKOKI. Backed by 70 years of credible Japanese design, reliability, quality and innovation as Hitachi Power Tools, HiKOKI is the new brand firmly focussed on delivering unseen levels of high-performance and reliability.
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