CDT Cutting Oil Aerosol 300gm 3063 CRC DG

by CRC
$22.78 excl GST

CRC CDT Cutting Oil is a superior neat cutting, drilling and thread cutting lubricant formulated for hand and machine cutting on all types of metal. It withstands extreme pressure, improves surface finish and increases tool life. Additives create a strong film with increased 'cling' for use on vertical surfaces, allowing work at any angle.

CRC CDT Cutting Oil leaves an anti-corrosive residue and is safe to use on soft metals such as brass, copper and aluminium.

Convenient aerosol ideal for mobile engineers and
mechanics working off-site.

Features & Benefits

Soft metal safe – Suitable for all metals including soft metals such as brass, copper and aluminium

Suitable for hand and machine cutting

Versatile aerosol – Ideal for engineers and mechanics working off-site

Non-active low-odour formula – The inert formulation does not produce noxious gases

Excellent cooling properties – Consistently produces clean sharp cutting edges. Keeps blades sharp. Prevents cutting tools from seizing to metal substrates.

Extreme Pressure Resistant – Increases tool life,
improves surface finish

Film clings to vertical surfaces – Allows work at any angle

Anti-corrosive residue

NZSFA Approved C14

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