CCGW09T304E-L1-B CBN200 Insert 2 CORNERS CBN

by Seco
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CBN200: Brazed tips, Two Edges (single sided).
Composition: 85% cBN content grade with an average grain size of 2 μm and a Co-W-Al ceramic binder.
Coating: No coating

• For medium rough machining of hardened steel (ap = 0,5–1,0 mm).
• For finishing and roughing of pearlitic and white/chilled cast iron.
• For finishing of sintered iron.
• For roughing and finishing of powder metal (iron).

Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN) is a material which is sintered at extremely high pressure and high
temperature into a wear-resistant material with properties close to those of diamond. Due to the hot hardness,
oxidation resistance and fracture toughness of the material, inserts made of PCBN have excellent edge 
strength and long tool life in machining operations on hard ferrous materials and pearlitic grey cast iron.
Secomax PCBN inserts are suitable for machining:
• Hardened steel (including hard-facing alloys)
• Pearlitic grey cast iron
• Chilled and white cast iron
• Manganese steel
• Cemented carbide
• Valve seat materials
• Powder Metallurgy (PM) alloys
• Nickel-based superalloys e.g. Inconel 718

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