C125- 125mm Cup Brush Crimped Wire M14x2 26G

by Dixbro
$71.27 excl GST
Cup Brush Crimped

- a permanently fastened hexagonal adaptor clinched in place allows for quick mounting
- Specially formulated High tensile heat-treated Steel wire provides maximum fatigue resistance and ensures long life of each wire tip
- The larger brushes are fitted with a skirt which
prevents excessive splaying of the wire during use & ensures the maximum number of tips are in contact with the work piece. This skirt can be removed once the brush trim has been worn down, thereby increasing the life of the brush

- for use on High Speed electric tools, angle grinders and drill presses
- Heavy duty cleaning of large metal surfaces
- Roughening surfaces
- Deburring
- Weld scale and Corrosion removal
- cleaning prior to welding
- Rust and paint removal
- cleaning ships, Steel tanks etc
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