Hex Key Metric Fold Up Set 3-10mm BD12595

by Bondhus
$34.65 excl GST
The greatest advantage of a fold up is the convenience of range of blade sizes in one package. Its also easily and conveniently carried in a pocket
The GorillaGrip fold up handle is 40% stronger than steel, and will not rust or corrode
Patented handle design makes every job faster and easier Handle is comfortable to hold, and does not conduct heat or cold
With the blade in the 180 degree position, a fold up can be used like a screwdriver
Blades open up to 270 degree from handle. Molded in stops then hold blades securely in place
With a blade in the 270 degree position, a fold up can be used for spinning a fastener in or out
Tool user can adjust tool tension
GorillaGrip fold ups do not have ball end tips smaller than 5/32 and 4mm, since the handle could easily
over-torque the blades and risk breakage

Set contains: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm
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