Boehm JLBM60PA Stepped Chuck 2-60mm

by Boehm
$114.07 excl GST
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JLBM60PA - Chuck for 2 to 60 mm and 1/8'' to 2'' hollow punches
Description :
This chuck allows the lock of JLB model hollow punches up to a diameter of 60 mm or 2 3/8'' which ensure the cut-out of pellets and washers in a concentric way and in a single operation thanks to the spur system which allows the pairing of two hollow punches.
This chuck is screwed on the JLBM53PA handle (a setscrew ensures the locking of the chuck on the handle) or laid down flat with the cutting edge of the hollow punch inclined upward for a cutting with a mallet.
Warning: the JLBM52 handle cannot be assembled with this chuck.

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