Boehm 60mm Hollow Punch Cutter

by Boehm
$58.65 excl GST

Replacement 60mm Boehm Hollow Punch
This hollow punch is screwed by a spur system on a
JLBM50PA, JLBM60PA and JLBM100 chuck.
Made of high resistance steel, the JLB model hollow punches ensure a precise cut-out of pallets and washers in soft materials : paper tape, foam, cardboard, leather, felt, cork, rubber, plastic, fiber...etc.
This hollow punch can be used manually by striking with a hammer on a JLBM53PA handle.
It can also be used on a manual press with a JLBM50PA, JLBM60PA or JLBM100 chuck.
It is also possible to place directly the handle JLBM53PA under a manual press
Hollow punches, often known as joint-cutters or wad punches,

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