Boehm 3mm Hollow Punch Cutter

by Boehm
$13.73 excl GST


BOEHM Hollow punches, often known as joint-cutters or wad punches, have many varied uses, and can be used for cutting out gaskets and sealing rings in foam, cardboard, leather, rubber, fibre, plastic and lead.

Not only is the quality of these punches unsurpassable, but there is also the added bonus of being able to use pairs.

The hollow punch sets can be paired and inter-changed very quickly and easily by using the patented lock in chuck system.

A paired set of punches can be used to cut washers or sealing rings, etc. in foam, cardboard, leather, rubber, fibre, plastic or lead.

A range of sets are available and each set includes a holder and a range of punches which fit to the holder either singly, for discs or in pairs for washers. All supplied in a case.

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