Automatic Welding Helmet AS3000F

by Xcelarc
$243.66 excl GST


High Quality, Low Cost, Solar Cell Powered

2 Independent Sensors

The XA Autoweld 3000F ia a low cost high quality automatic welding helmet for nearly all welding application requirements. The XA Autoweld 3000F helmets feature two independent arc sensors with Solar powered cells. The Autoweld 3000F features variable shade 9-13 and is TIG operable to 20 amps. The adjustable Delay to clear state and adjustable Sensitivity for lens closure to dark state are a real added bonus considering the low cost of the AS3000F lens. The Autoweld 3000F is a light weight and comfortable design offering excellent neck coverage and protection, the unique shape design helps channel welding fumes away from the helmet and face area.

Din standard approval guarantees maximum eye protection during welding. The high quality and low cost of the XA Autoweld 3000F makes it without doubt the best value for money automatic helmet on todays market.

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