Air Die Grinder STD R-Exhaust 25000rpm 6mm Collet TPT-521

by Tranmax
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$123.57 excl GST
$92.68 excl GST
Air Die Grinder is ideal for many automotive and industrial high-speed grinding applications.
It can be used to clean dies, rotors, backing plates and brake pad mounts, or to grind valve seats, dress welds and enlarge holes.
Suitable for most grinding work, de-burring and polishing metal components.
Contoured throttle lever with positive self-locking, prevents accidental starting of motor.
Operating Pressure : 90 PSI
Air Consumption : 3 cfm (85 l/min)
Free Speed : 25,000rpm
Collet Size : 1/4"
Body Length : 177mm
Body Diameter : 40mm
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