AIR BELT SANDER 10 x 330 BELT, 16000rpm

by Rico
$236.19 excl GST
The perfect tool for deep reach and hard-to-access sanding jobs. An air belt sander is a tool which is often used for shaping and finishing bodywork. Air belt sanders are ideal for awkward angles and body contours.
• Compact and lightweight to let you do job faster.
• A high-performance pneumatic motor for scores of sanding jobs.
• Ideal for getting into those deep and hard-to-get-at places, like into corners, or on spherical surfaces and round surfaces.
• It is suitable for most materials.
Operating Pressure : 90 PSI
Air Consumption : 4 CFM
Free Speed : 18,000 RPM
Overall Length : 280mm
Body Diameter : 27 x 38mm
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