Ados Universal Silicone 310ML 8358 REPLS 8300

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Brand ADOS
Chemical Composition Silicone Polymer
Color Translucent
Container Size 310 ml
Container Type Cartridge
Cure Time 2 days
Curing Method Neutral (Oxime)
Density 1.04
Dynamic Joint Movement ±25 %
Hardness 20 to 35 Shore A
Peel Strength 2.9 kN/m
Physical Form Non Slump Paste
Product Type Universal Silicone Sealant
Relative Density 1.035 to 1.045
Sag/Slump <1 mm
Service Temperature Range -60 to +150 °C
Tack Free Time 20 min
Tensile Strength ≥1 MPa
Tooling Time 6 to 20 min
Vapour Density >1
Volatile Component <8 %
ADOS All Purpose Silicone is a single component, fast curing, room temperature vulcanising silicone. The mould and mildew resistant properties make the sealant ideal for bathroom and other plumbing applications. It is translucent in colour. It can be used on most building materials and on many damp surfaces, such as timber, cement, many plastics, roofs and guttering, window frames and glazing, masonry, ceramics etc.

A general purpose, neutral cure RTV silicone.
Mould and mildew resistant.
Widely used by plumbers, roofing contractors, builders, general industry and the home handyman.

Excellent adhesion to glass, aluminium and ceramics. 
Used where high humidity and temperatures may be encountered.
Kitchen and bathroom fixtures.
Sealing showers and tubs.
Curtainwall sealing.
Draught proofing.
Weather sealing.
Plastic to metal in glazing applications.
Metal to concrete in perimeter sealing.
Most plastered and painted surfaces.
Galvanized or zinc coated steel.
Butt or lap shear joints.
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