Ados F3 Adhesive 500ml 8020 DG

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ADOS F3 is a thixotropic, high strength contact adhesive. It is formulated to be non-spill and non-drip, giving greater control of application and better coverage. This gel feature makes it ideal for vertical and ceiling applications and for bonding onto porous surfaces, e.g. Gib board. ADOS F3 will not soak in as other liquid adhesives do, giving excellent results on porous surfaces such as the end grain of particle board.

ADOS F3 has good resistance to heat, water, acids and alkalis, essential for a wide variety of commercial applications.

Features & Benefits

Thixotropic - Ideal for vertical and porous surfaces
Non-spill, non-drip – Greater control of application and better coverage

Resilient – Good resistance to heat, water, acids and alkalis


Laminated plastics, hardboard and aluminium to wood, brick or metal

PVC cloths, plastics and rubber to wood, concrete,


Felt to wood, cardboard and metal

Acoustic ceiling tiles to wood, concrete etc.

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