808 Silicone 4ltr 3056 CRC DG

by CRC
$128.93 excl GST

CRC 808 Silicone is a multi-purpose silicone spray for general lubrication. It leaves a thin, clear, odourless film that lubricates, waterproofs and revives without damaging treated surfaces or leaving marks or stains. It provides ongoing protection over a wide range of temperatures and pressures. CRC 808 Silicone eliminates squeaking and binding caused by friction and is ideal for use on metals, plastics, rubber, fabrics, wood, glass and painted surfaces. Excellent mould release, parting agent and machine bed lubricant. Features & Benefits Multi-Purpose Product – Revives, lubricates, waterproofs, cleans and shines Clear, odourless, non-staining – No need for messy greases and oils Harmless to most materials – Metals, plastics, rubber, adhesives, wood, fabrics, glass, inks and paints Reduces Friction and Wear – Reduces noise. Extends product life. Reduces downtime Excellent mould release, parting agent and machine bed lubricant Resists Moisture – Stays in place in damp environments Wide Temperature Range – Effective from -38°C to 290°C NZFSA Approved C12

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