TC75 Multithreaded T/K Cup Brush DIXBRO 30G 28787555

by Dixbro
$29.19 excl GST
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Cup Brusch Twisted Knot

Are supplied with threaded adaptors to suit different machines. some display packs contain multi threads to match differing grinder sizes.

- Provides fast and maximum cleaning action in severe applications
- Specially formulated High tensile heat-treated Steel wire provides maximum fatigue resistance, which ensures the long life of each wire tip
- Provides a balanced tool for Vibration free running and even brush wear
- The skirted (Steel banded) Heavy-duty series are The most aggressive cup brushes in the Dixbro© range, and are recommended for severe duty applications. The steel band controls flaring and can be removed after the knots are worn down to expose more wire for continued brushing action

- for use on high speed electric tools, angle grinders, drill presses and pipe line machinery
- Heavy duty cleaning of large metal surfaces
- Roughening surfaces
- Heavy burr removal
- Weld scale and Corrosion removal
- cleaning prior to welding
- Rust and paint removal
- cleaning ships, Steel tanks etc

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