5mm SER 47MB 2FLT B/N Carbide Aluminium Cutter 44572 13x50

by SGS
$53.13 excl GST

Series 47MB
The S-Carb end mills are a high performance family of end mills designed for Aluminum, Non-Ferrous and Non-Metallic materials. Engineered with a specialized flute to effectively manage the large size and volume of chips produced during the aggressive machining process.

Features & Benefits:
• Engineered Flute Design
• Effective chip removal at high feed rates
• Lower cutting forces than comparable products
• Unique Symmetrical End Gashing
• Improved balance at high spindle speeds
• Improved workpiece finish through better balance
• More effective plunging vs conventional designs

Cutter diameter 5mm
Shank diameter 5mm
Flute length 13mm
Overall length 50mm

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