4-12mm Karat Drill Set 7 Piece 4, 5, 2 x 6, 8, 10 & 12mm

by Bosch
$83.48 excl GST

Multi-Purpose Drill Karat

• For rotary use (non-impact)

• Ideally suited for tiles up to scratch hardness 6, ceramics, marble, vertically perforated brick,

building material, plastics, coated plates, soft steel, casting and even reinforcing steel in concrete as far as building stability allows

• Heat-treated special steel - long service life for the use with most different materials

• Specially soldered carbide cutting edge with
stress-relieved soldering technique at more than +1100°C reduces break out or annealing of carbide cutting edge

• Diamond ground sintered cutting edge makes immediate centering on hard surfaces possible

• Special cutting angle optimizes the drilling from the beginning

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