3mm SER 7M 4FL TI-Namite A Carbide Endmill #70551 25x75

by SGS
$54.98 excl GST

The Series 7 End Mill provides precision performance and high production rates without chatter.
This is the tool that can deliver it all in long lengths of cut: chatter suppression, longer tool life, better surface finishes, reduced harmonics and improved side-wall straightness.
Features & Benefits:
Variable pitch fluting geometry suppresses chatter and produces better surface finishes
Rigid construction minimizes deflection and increases part accuracy
Optimized tool geometry increases tool life while
strengthening all cutting edges
Ti-NAMITE-A (AlTiN) High Performance Coating
• Longer tool life
• Higher productivity Suitable for use in a variety of materials up to 45 Rc Certified premium micro-grain carbide
Material Aplications:
Steels, Stainless steel, Cast iorn, Titanium
Cutter diameter 3mm
Shank diameter 3mm
Flute length 25mm
Overall length 75mm

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