2" Flare Nozzle -1/2" Hose SL8450-19

by Snaploc
$16.69 excl GST

Snaploc 2" Flare Nozzle - 1/2" Hose SNAP-LOC SYSTEMS MORE THAN JUST A COOLANT HOSE... Snap-Loc Systems have served metalworking industries world-wide. The 3-dimensional flexibility and holding power of the Snap-Loc design serves well in a wide range of applications. EASY HAND ASSEMBLY: Snap-Loc assembly and disassembly is fast and easy. HOSE BEND CAPABILITIES: Snap-Loc hose may be bent to form tight turns. Minimum centre-line diameters are as follows: • 1/4" Hose; 2" centre-line diameter • 1/2" Hose; 3-1/4" centre-line diameter MATERIALS: Standard Snap-Loc Hose and Connector material is Delrin. Standard Nozzle material is Polypropylene. WORKING PRESSURES: Snap-Loc Systems components are designed for normal shop air and fluid pressures. They are not intended for high pressure applications. Maximum operating pressure is dependent upon many factors, including temperature of solution, hose and nozzle size, and whether pressure is induced slowly or instantaneously. WORKING TEMPERATURES: Maximum recommended working Temperature for Snap-Loc Systems is approximately 200ø F (93øC).