16mm Z-Carb AlTiN B/N 4FL Carbide Endmill 32x92 #46348

by SGS
$355.00 excl GST
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Series Z1MB 4 Flute Variable Rake End Mills Ball Nose The Z-Carb family of end mills maximizes stock removal and improves productivity in most milling applications. The Z-Carb family of end mills are the first and original variable geometry end mill that changed the entire industry. By drastically reducing chatter, increasing tool life and optimizing cost savings, the Z-Carb changed the way we machine forever. The first and best chatter resistant end mill on the market Optimal material removal rates through increased feed and depths of cut Improved surface finish and tool life through controlled consistent performance Cutter diameter 3mm Shank diameter 6mm Flute length 8mm Overall length 57mm

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