16mm 43MCR 2.0 CR S-CARB 3FL Aluminium Cutter 44785 20x125

by SGS
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Series 43MCR
S-Carb 3-Flute End Mills with Corner Radius for
Aluminum,Non-Ferrous & Non-Metallic Materials.
The S-Carb end mills are a high performance family of end mills designed for Aluminum, Non-Ferrous and Non-Metallic materials.
Engineered with a specialized flute to effectively manage the large size and volume of chips produced during the aggressive machining process.
Features & Benefits:
Engineered Flute Design

Effective chip removal at high feed rates

Lower cutting forces than comparable products
Unique Symmetrical End Gashing

Improved balance at high spindle speeds

Improved workpiece finish through better balance

More effective plunging vs conventional designs
Cutter diameter 16mm
Shank diameter 16mm
Corner radius 2.0mm
Flute length 20mm
Overall length 125mm

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