150.10-2.5R6-14 T25M Parting Off Insert

by Seco
$21.38 excl GST

SECO 2.5mm 6deg R/H Part Off Insert

-14 Chipbreaker  First choice for stainless steel.
                         First choice for steel at medium-high feed rates.
                         15° positive cutting rake angle with sharp edge.

T25M - Tough versatile CVD-coated grade intended for parting-off of steel, stainless steel and cast iron at moderate cutting speeds.

The R-/L-inserts have a setting angle of 6° in order to eliminate burrs and minimize the parting-off pip left on the workpiece. To reduce pip size with N-inserts, use the smallest width possible. The correct centre height is another major factor to avoid pips (control to ±0.1 mm).
When using R-/L-inserts, the feed rate should be reduced by approximately 30%.
Convex or concave surfaces will be avoided, when using right or left hand inserts, by reducing the feed rate.

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