12mm SER 55M 5FL V-CARB AlTiN Endmill #42617 50x100

by SGS
$216.77 excl GST

SGS 12mm Ser 55M 5Fl V-Carb Altin Endmill Series 55MS 5 Flute End Mills. High performance Finishing and semi-finishing 5 flute variable geometery endmill The V-Carb end mill is the finishing touch that you can expect more from. The geometry produces superior surface finishes in ferrous materials with a high level of accuracy needed for semi-finishing and finishing of components. However, the chatter suppressing design allows you to push the tool well beyond the limits of light finishing cuts. Tackle a range of applications with this tool. Features & Benefits: •Variable pitch combined with an odd number of flutes suppresses chatter and produces better surface finishes • Rigid construction minimizes deflection and increases part accuracy •Optimized tool geometry allows for improved shearing and decreased loads. Ti-NAMITE-A (AlTiN) High Performance Coating • Longer tool life • Higher productivity Suitable for use in a variety of materials up to 45 Rc Certified premium micro-grain carbide Material Aplications: Steels, Stainless steel, Cast iron, Titanium Cutter diameter 6mm Shank diameter 6mm Flute length 12mm Overall length 50mm

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