12mm Z-Carb .75mm CR TX 4FL Carbide Endmill 26x83 #46861

by SGS
$175.65 excl GST

Series Z1MPCR
4 Flute Variable Rake End Mills Corner Radius.
The Z-Carb-AP offers performance so advanced, it goes way beyond typical high performance carbide end mills.
With most 4-flute end mills, the cutting teeth enter and exit the material creating a natural rhythm that results in damaging harmonics.
The harmonics produce a frequency that resonates through the entire end mill, resulting in chatter.
With its patented, one of a kind geometry, the Z-Carb-AP offers three stages of chatter suppression.
Superior chatter suppression through advanced patented design
Increase productivity by cutting deeper and wider without harmful harmonics
Lower cutting forces for dramatically longer tool life. Cutter diameter 12mm
Shank diameter 12mm
Corner radius 0.75mm
Flute length 26mm
Overall length 83mm

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