125mm Angle Grinder - Electronic Safety 1500W G13YC2(G1Z) HiKOKI

$348.75 excl GST
Super-powerful 1500W motor with high overload durability
Safe and easy-to-use paddle switch
Strong alloy gearbox with spindle lock
Tool-less guard adjustment
Anti-vibration side handle

Fully-compliant electronic safety grinder featuring:
Kickback protection - cuts power to the motor and stops the power tool in the event of a sudden drop in wheel rotation speed during operation (eg. wheel locking during cutting operation). This not only reduces operator strain but is a significant safety feature, virtually eliminating the likelihood of the tool being flung out of the operator's hands in the event of a ‘lock up'.
Zero-voltage restart protection - disables motor start-up when the switch is locked on and the power cord is reconnected to the power, or when the power supply recovers from power failure. This is another significant safety feature, eliminating accidents due to unplanned motor restarts.
Constant speed control - constant rotation speed is maintained during operation, ensuring maximum efficiency.
Soft-start control - reduces the force generated at motor start-up, lessening the load on the operator's hands.
Overload protection - shuts off power to the motor in the event of motor overload or a sudden reduction in rotation speed during operation. This severely reduces the risk of motor burnout and controller failure.

Standard with grinding wheel, wrench and side handle

HiKOKI 3 Year Heavy Duty Warranty

Model # G13YC2(G1Z)
Wheel: 125mm
Hole Diameter: 22mm
Spindle Thread: M14 x 2
Power Input: 1500W
No-load Speed: 10,500/min
Overall Length: 232mm
Weight: 2.0kg

From October 2018, Hitachi has changed to HiKOKI. Backed by 70 years of credible Japanese design, reliability, quality and innovation as Hitachi Power Tools, HiKOKI is the new brand firmly focussed on delivering unseen levels of high-performance and reliability.
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