1/4" UNC x 2D Tangless Recoil Insert Bulk Quantity TL03044 MOQ 100 Pcs

by Recoil
$0.55 excl GST

Recoil Tangless Inserts – Next Step in Wire Thread Insert Evolution       

        Increased Installation Speed

  • No tang to break off post insert installation, eliminating a stage in the installation process; ideal for automatic installation in high volume applications.
  • No tang to retrieve post insert installation, eliminates vacuuming or extraction and counting of the displaced tangs.
  • Bi-directional design eliminates insert orientation. No need for time consuming insert checking prior to each installation.
    Installation adjustment and removal flexibility
  • Tangless inserts are easily adjusted or removed after initial installation, just re-insert the installation tool and wind or insert the removal tool and unwind.
  • Tangless inserts removal tools never touch the application ensuring no damage occurs unlike outmoded insert removal techniques.
    Foreign object damage (FOD) – Free
  • No loose tangs to potentially damage the fnished product.
    Combined with all the benefts of standard Recoil wire thread inserts
    Wire thread inserts are used to strengthen threads, giving applications a longer life. Each insert shares the load over the entire bolt and hole, improving holding or pull out resistance. With a Recoil insert installed, a more even distribution of load and stress can be achieved.

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