A2 Quick Knurl Tool Set 5mm-250mmØ Capacity For Straight Spiral & Cross Knurling

by Miller
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Cut Knurling
Maximum precision and surface quality; it is even possible to knurl thin-walled workpieces with no deformation. Another advantage is the time saved due to the higher cutting speed and feed rate.
Virtually any material can be machined, including grey cast iron and plastic.
However, knurling to the shoulder of a workpiece is possible only to a limited extent.

The A2 set includes the tools A2/FL and A2/KF.
It can be used to produce all common knurl cutting
Another advantage is the patented coolant nozzle.
It creates a perfect knurl pattern and also extends the tool life.

Work piece; 5 - 250 mm diameter
Shank diameter / L: 20x25, 25x25
Knurling wheels : 21,5 mm diameter
Machine type: conventional and CNC-controlled lathes.
Types of knurl; Cross and diamond
Working range; 5-250 mm diameter
Shaft dimension: 20x25 or 25x25 mm
Knurl cutters: 21.5 mm diameter
Cross 1 x 15 degree left and 1 x 15 degree right
Diamond 2 x 90 degree

Types of knurl: Straight and spiral
Working range : 5-250 mm diameter
Shaft dimension; 20x25 or 25x25 mm
Knurl cutters: 21.5 mm diameter
Straight 1 x 30 degree left / 30 degree right
Spiral As required
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