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In 2011 Starrett celebrate the 130th anniversary of their company.

Founded in 1880 in Athol, Massachusetts (which remains the company’s Head Office) the Starrett brand represents Precision, Quality, and Innovation - backed by unmatched Service and Support to their customers throughout the world.

The company is a global market leader in the development & manufacturing of Precision Measuring Tools and Instruments, Band Saw Blade, Power Tool Accessories and Hand Tools, and the Starrett brand is synonymous with the highest quality and performance in all of these product categories.

With annual sales volume in the vicinity of 250 million dollars and with several manufacturing plants in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, China, and the Dominican Republic, the company prides itself on producing products of the highest quality, with clever design and great value. They offer application designed precision tools and custom solutions that optimize job and process performance, and make long lasting easy to use products that provide consistent and reliable performance. 

If close enough’s not good enough for you - pick Starrett products for your home or workplace.

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