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Lps 3 Heavy Duty Rust Inhibitor 312gm

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LPS 3 Premier Rust Inhibitor is a specially formulated long-term corrosion
inhibitor protecting metal parts in inside storage for up to two years. When
applied it forms a soft, translucent, waxy film sealing out moisture, air,
acid, alkali fumes, and other corrosive elements.
Forms a transparent, soft, waxy film for protection and lubrication Inhibits rust and corrosion; protects steel parts indoors for up to 2 years Inhibits exfoliation and filiform corrosion of aluminum Penetrates to displace moisture Does not contain chlorinated solvents or silicone Nonconductive Easily removed with LPS degreasers Safe on most surfaces
Safe on all metals
Safe to use on rubber, fabric, plastics, and paints
Self-healing, soft, waxy film
Provides non-sling lubrication
Prevents rust and corrosion
Protects for up to 2 years indoors


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PDF Spec Sheet - TDS lps3

PDF Spec Sheet - MSDS lpsrustinhibitor

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